Consumer Electronics Radio Communication Other Radio Communication
ICOM F4001 --- UHF portable Radio
U.S. Army RM-52 Signal Corp Remote Control Unit
Bird APM-16 Wattmeter Element APM-5N DPM-5N 2300-2500 MHz 5 Watt (New)
Minn Kota Riptide PowerDrive 55/CP Trolling Motor w/CoPilot & Bluetooth 1363559
Kenwood TK8150 TK-8150 UHF 450-500 Mhz TK880 128 Channels
Bird 110-1 Thruline Model 43 Wattmeter Element Slug 1W 110-160 MHz
REMINDER/ Two Weekends of Consumer Electronics Demos Coming to Cleveland
WHEN: CEA Demo Days June 21-23, 2013 June 28-30, 2013 WHERE: Audio Craft 3915 Carnegie Avenue Cleveland, OH 44115 Audio Video Interiors Inc 7204 Pearl Road Middleburg Heights, OH 44130 Audio Visions OH 17210 Royalton Road Strongsville ...
Wi-Ex Launches zBoost TRIO, a Product Finalist in the 2013 CTIA E-Tech Awards
The package includes everything you need: zBoost amplifier base unit, base unit antenna, power supply, coaxial cable (RG59-mini), signal antenna and mounting hardware. The wide radio wave beam width antenna receives signals from multiple cell towers.
Consumers Predict Americans Will Turn the Dial From AM/FM Radio to Streaming Radio Content in Five Years
SAN FRANCISCO, May 14, 2013 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Stitcher, the mobile leader in on demand news, entertainment, sports and talk radio, today shared the results ... public relations and communications research. Harris possesses expertise in a wide range ...
Clear Channel Outdoor Advances Audience-Based Selling with Rollout of ‘Consumer Networks’
Following Clear Channel Outdoor’s successful piloting of the demographic ... In the U.S., CCO operates in 49 of the top 50 designated market areas. Certain statements in this release constitute “forward-looking statements” within the meaning of ...
Sirius XM Radio Inc : "Tom Petty Radio" Channel to Launch on SiriusXM
NEW YORK, May 14, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Sirius XM Radio (NASDAQ ... and through the SiriusXM Internet Radio App on smartphones and other connected devices, as well as online at "Tom Petty Radio" will give SiriusXM listeners 24/7 access ...
Bird 4410A Wattmeter MultiRange Element 4410-14 400-1000 MHz 100mW-100W (New)
DST-DC Distribution Panel
Bird 43 Wattmeter Elements Compatible - 5014 USB Digital RF Power Sensor
Wattmeter Element Slug 1W 425-850 MHz for Bird 43 Coaxial Dynam 820D638 (425-1)
Oval Windo Audio Satellite lll
Bird 43 Wattmeter Element 2500J-1100 1100-1260 MHz 2500 Watt (New)
Bird 43 Wattmeter Element Slug 433-19 2300-2400 MHz 25W (New)
Bird APM-16 Wattmeter Element APM-50E DPM-50E 400-1000 MHz 50 Watts (New)
CPI Communications Tone Remote-1 Tx Duplex (TR10-FD)
OPTOELECTRONICS CUB Frequency Counter Bug Detector NEW!
Lot 30 Motorola HLN6863A Mid Power Ignition Cable Dash Mount XTL APX New OEM 
Exalt EX-5i-DS3 Microwave Licensed Key for 1 DS3 plus 4 T1s
Bird 43 Wattmeter Element 2.5J 950-1260 MHz MHz 2.5 Watt (New)
Bird Termaline 25-T-MN RF Load 25 Watts N(M) DC- 4 GHz (New)
Icom A220 760CH VHF Air Band Transceiver IC-A210 VFO Ground Airport
Moseley DSP-6000 Two Channel Decoders for Broadcast
RADWIN Subscriber PRO unit RW-5525-0A50
TK-2844 Military Electronic Tool Kit
SA35100N Step Attenuator 1W 100db up to 3000 MHz
110' 213 COAX USmade PL259 connectors HAM CB Commercial Base Station HF UHF VHF
909098-1 Rev A: MRC Vislink IF/DS3/SMPTE 909267-1, 909267-1T, 909324-1
ICOM IC-M25 VHF Marine portable radio
Motorola XTS2500 Model 3 7/800mhz 4meg (AN) Trunking P25 w/charger
Motorola Tone Remote TDN8196B UHF System
Marti Remote Pickup RPT 15-RPU Transmitter - Fast Shipping
Bird 43 Wattmeter Element Slug 500J-1100 1100-1260 MHz 500W (New)
~ RADWIN 5000 RW-5510-0230 SUBSCRIBER UNIT 3GHz HSU 510 10M 3X VER:
2.2-2.7GHz Low Noise Amplifier,LNA-2227, New, SMA
Minn Kota Riptide SF 112/HC/BG 62" Riptide SF 112/HC/BG (112 Lbs. Thrust 1363660
Bird Thruline Model 43 Wattmeter Element 2.5L1 2.5W 1.7-1.99 GHz
SA3N50-20 20db Attenuator 50W up to 3000 MHz
Bird 43 Wattmeter Element 2500D 200-500 MHz 2500 Watts Classic Black Top (New)
Bird Termaline 100-ST-MN RF Load 100 Watts N(M) DC-4 GHz
4x AD 203 Booster PCB Board - Bundle and Save!
CDI 83060 Broadband Single-Element RF Wattmeter PK/AVG Replace Bird 43P 4314B
Bird 025-2 Thruline Wattmeter Element 25-30 MHz 2.5 Watts
Tellular Cellphone Transceiver
Power Transformer 120/240 VAC, Sec: 40V , 40V , w19L
Bird 43 Wattmeter Element Slug 50J-1100 1100-1260 MHz 50W (New)
MFJ 564 Ham Radio CW Iambic Dual Paddle With Chrome Base, Non-Skid Feet (NEW)
Bird APM-16 Wattmeter Element APM-250C DPM-250C 100-250 MHz 250 Watts (New)
Marti Broadcast SR-40A Frequency Agile RPU Receiver
Motorola DLR1020 Digital Business Two Way Radio
Bird Model 43 Thruline RF Wattmeter Kit w/ 60W RF Load & Pelican 1200 Case (New)
Bird 4410A RF Wattmeter Kit Bird 4410-097 AN/URM213 w/ ELEMENTS 0.45-1000MHz
Bird 43 Wattmeter Element 5000E 400-1000 MHz 5000 Watts (New)
Garmin Thru-Hull Mount Smart Transducer Thru-hull Mount Smart Transducer - NMEA
Bird 43 Wattmeter Element Slug 25M 2200-2300 MHz 25W (New)
Bird 4410A Wattmeter MultiRange Element 4410-5 25-80 MHz 1-1000 Watts (New)
Wattmeter Element Slug 1W 150-250 MHz for Bird 43 Coaxial Dynam 820D200 (200-1)
Wattmeter Element Slug 2.5W 275-450 MHz for Bird 43 Coax Dynam 820E363 (275-2)
Bird APM-16 Wattmeter Element APM-10E DPM-10E 400-1000 MHz 10 Watts (New)
Wave WiFi EC HP Dual-Band - AC EC-HP-DB-AC
Bird APM-16 Wattmeter Element APM-100D DPM-100D 200-500 MHz 100 Watts (New)
Wattmeter Element Slug 2.5W 80-140 MHz for Bird 43 Coax Dynamics 820E110 (110-2)
Polyphaser IS-50NX-C2 Flange Mount Lightning Arrestor *New
Wattmeter Element Slug 1W 800-950 MHz for Bird 43 Coax Dynamics 820D875 (801-1)
Wattmeter Element Slug 2.5W 150-250 MHz for Bird 43 Coax Dynamic 820E200 (200-2)
Bird APM-16 Wattmeter Element APM-250H DPM-250H 2-30 MHz 250 Watts (New)
Lot of 3 NIB Advance Talking House AM Radio Transmitter 5 Minute Recording TH5.0
New/Old Stock Motorola Trunked Remote Control Desk Set Model # L1237A: Untested
2x Beau Cinch P5406CCT Jones 6 Pin Plug 38541-5406 Connector Cable Clamp Top
Bird 801-1 Model 43 Wattmeter Element 800-1000 MHz 1W NEW
XTS5000R UHF 380-470MHz Handheld Radio Model 2 P25 Trunking XTS5000 charger ect
Bird Termaline 25-T-FN RF Load 25 Watts N(F) DC- 4 GHz (New)
Bird 4410A Wattmeter MultiRange Element 4410-16 1.8-2.3 GHz .1-100 Watts (New)
Wattmeter Element Slug 10KW 400-1000 MHz Bird 43 Coaxial Dynamics 82067 (10000E)
6 Motorola KVL Adapter Surveillance kit/keyload adaptor XTS5000, XTS3000 XTS2500
Bird Thruline Model 43 Wattmeter Element 50L1 50W 1700-1990 MHz (New)
Bird 4410A Wattmeter MultiRange Element 4410-2 450-2500 KHz 10-10K Watts (New)
Self sticker 3D Metal looking numbers and letters
radio communications system
Bird Model 43P Amateur Ham Radio Wattmeter Kit PEP/Avg RF Load HF/VHF/UHF
Acterna TTC T-BERD 107A T-Carrier Analyzer
Bird APM-16 Wattmeter Element APM-100H DPM-100H 2-30 MHz 100 Watts (New)
Wattmeter Element Slug 2.5W 800-950 MHz for Bird 43 CDI 820E875 (801-2) New
Continental Electronics Plate Blocker
Bird Termaline 300-T-MN RF Load 300 Watts (2.5KW Peak) N(F) DC-3 GHz (Used)
Motorola, XTL1500, MR28URS9PW1, 764-870 mHz, 35 W
2.4-2.8GHz Low Noise Amplifier, RF Bay LNA-2428, New, SMA
Bird 43 Wattmeter Element 10000B 50-125 MHz 10000 Watts (New)
Wattmeter Element Slug 1W 275-450 MHz for Bird 43 Coaxial Dynam 820D363 (275-1)
Wattmeter Element Slug 2.5W 400-850 MHz for Bird 43 Coax Dynam 820E625 (425-2)
High Gain UHF Antenna Kit
Motorola RTL-5815 Adapter 4104
Bird 4410A Wattmeter MultiRange Element 4410-15 1.0-1.8 GHz .1-100 Watts (New)
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Be generous with your electronic communication budget
click to enlarge Treadaway explains, "There are quick wins to be gained by replacing paper based processes with electronic communication. Organisations with large consumer bases will ... marketing and other high volume system-generated documents.
Consumer Electronics Show 2010 - Special Report
Hundreds of exhibitors at the show are pitching them along with their other new wares. There's even a separate ... And that means a shift is in order for the next generation of consumer electronics devices. The smart companies are already cashing in.
Near Field Communication (NFC) Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 38% from 2011 to 2016 by MarketsandMarkets
Near field communication (NFC) is a set of standards for smartphones and similar devices to establish radio ... consumer goods, energy and power, food and beverages, industrial automation, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, semiconductor and electronics ...
US senator has not caved on e-privacy, aide says
The chairman of the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee has not reversed course on email privacy and has not proposed to give U.S. agencies access to email and other electronic communications ... a bill related to consumer consent to video service providers ...
Micro USB Connector seals gap in consumer electronics.
Our nearly 100,000 employees partner with customers in virtually every industry-from consumer electronics, energy and healthcare, to automotive, aerospace and communication networks ... are trademarks. Other products, logos and company names mentioned ...